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Outdoor Pellet Stove for Camping | SoloWilder Portable Pellet Stove With Oven | New Arrival 2023

Outdoor Pellet Stove for Camping | SoloWilder Portable Pellet Stove With Oven | New Arrival 2023

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    • The SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove is designed for car and RV camping and fits 3-5 person dome tents, teepees and shelters.
    • Auto feed: Outdoor pellet stoves can burn for up to 6 hours per fill, depending on how open the damper is.
    • Transverse flame: Outdoor pellet stoves use a U-shaped combustion chamber design for improved combustion efficiency.
    • Multi-Camping: The Outdoor Pellet Stove has a built-in oven, drawer ashtray, glass windshield, and foldable X-shaped 4 legs to make your camping experience more exciting.
    • Easy Installation: Users only need to do a simple installation of the pellet hopper and stovepipe and it is ready to use the outdoor pellet stove.
    • SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove is made of 304 stainless steel material all over the body, the cooking platform is made thickened to prevent denting, the stove has handles on both sides for easy transportation, the combustion chamber and oven each have a damper, the former is used to control the flame, the latter is used to regulate the gas content inside the oven.

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove
    For Car and RV Camping

    Experience the ultimate in camping convenience with the SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove. Designed specifically for car and RV camping, this portable stove is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and efficiency.


    Stove Type Pellet Stove for Outdoor
    Whole Body Weight 15.6kg
    Pellet Hopper Capacity  4kg Wood Pellets
    Dimension L 53cm x W 23cm x H 32cm
    Stove legs H 7.5cm
    Fuel Type
    Wood Pellets
    Auto-Fed Power Source Non-Electric Gravity Feeding System
    Applicable Space
    3-5 Person Tents 
    Floor Space
    0.12 sq m 
    Stainless Steel 304

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove size

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove firebox size

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove accsessories


    Outdoor Pellet Stove body with 4 stove legs (Contains: oven and ash box )

    Pellet hopper (assembly required)

    4 Sections Stove Pipes

    Automatic pellet feeding device

    Glass wind curtain

    one pair of gloves

    SoloWilder Portable Outdoor Pellet Stove With Oven 


    Make Your Outdoor Camping Easy:

    SoloWider Outdoor Camping Pellet Stove with Gravity Feeding System

    Say goodbye to constant fuel refills! The SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove boasts an automatic feeding system, allowing for up to 6 hours of burn time per fill. Adjust the damper to control the burn rate and enjoy uninterrupted warmth throughout the night.

    Ultra-high pellet combustion efficiency

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove U-shaped combustion chamber

    With its U-shaped combustion chamber design, this outdoor pellet stove maximizes the efficiency of wood pellets. The horizontal flame ensures thorough and efficient combustion, providing optimal heat output while minimizing fuel consumption. Enjoy longer burn times and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional wood stoves.

    Versatile Outdoor Camping Companion

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove with Oven

    The SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove is not just a heating solution – it's a complete camping companion. Equipped with a built-in oven, you can bake bread and cook meals. The convenient drawer ashtray collects ash for easy cleanup, while the glass windshield provides protection from the elements. Plus, the foldable X-shaped 4-legs offer stability and easy setup.

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove

    Seamless Installation

    Setting up the SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove is a breeze. Simply attach the pellet hopper and stovepipe, and you're ready to go. Spend less time on installation and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove

    Durable and Portable

    Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, this outdoor pellet stove is built to withstand the ruggedness of camping adventures. The thickened cooking platform prevents dents, ensuring long-lasting performance. With handles on both sides, transportation becomes effortless, allowing you to take this stove wherever your adventures lead.

    Control and Convenience

    The SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove offers precise control over your camping experience. The combustion chamber and the oven are each equipped with dampers to adjust the size of the flame and the amount of air pressure in the oven. Enjoy customized cooking and heating to suit your preferences.

    SoloWilder outdoor pellet stove ignition

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove

    Elevate Your Camping Experience

    With the SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove, you can enjoy the warmth, convenience, and versatility of a modern camping stove. Embrace the comforts of home while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Don't miss out on this irresistible camping essential.

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove Installation Tutorial

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove – Redefining Camping Comfort, One Flame at a Time.

    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove


    SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove



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