Best Pellet Stoves for Camping

  • SoloWilder Flame X Camping Pellet Stove
    RV Portable Camping Pellet Stove
    Non-electric | Efficient use of space | Wood pellets for clean and efficient combustion | Automatic feed frees your hands | Carry the pizza oven | Foldable legs for secure placement The Flame X Camping Pellet Stove makes your RV trips more hassle-free and more time to enjoy the view!
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  • SoloWilder IgniFire Camping Pellet Stove
    Mini Camping Pellet Stove for Enjoying the Fire
    Non-electric | Fuel cleaning | 3-sided glass | Automatic feeding | Mini stove body Wood chip pellet burning, easy to clean, and mini-sized for easy portability, the IgniFire Outdoor Pellet Stove will make your camping nights beautiful and warm!
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  • SoloWilder Scorpion Camping Pellet Stove
    Camp Pellet Stove Essential for Longer Camping Trips
    Large Capacity Pellet Bin | Four-Sided Glass | Detachable Oven | Foldable Legs The extra-large capacity wood pellet hopper and automatic gravity feed system allow you to enjoy a warm, restful night's sleep without worrying about your fuel supply!
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SoloWilder Best Portable Pellet Stove for Camping

Camping Pellet Stove

SoloWilder has introduced the new Camping Portable Pellet Stove in 2023, a new type of stove designed specifically for outdoor camping. The Camping Pellet Stove is designed to allow campers to enjoy environmentally friendly heating and cooking in their tents. Our pellet stoves use gravity instead of electricity to automatically feed pellets for the stove, eliminating the dependence on electricity for home pellet stoves and allowing campers who are tired of gathering and splitting firewood and waiting to feed the stove to enjoy the other pleasures of camping.
SoloWilder Tent Stove

Camping Tent Stove

This tent stove is composed of carbon steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant and resistant to scratching, peeling, or blistering. Outdoor camping environment suitable for all seasons.
SoloWlder Tinybee Camping Table

Tinybee Camping Table

The table is made of aluminum. It is not easy to rust and is very light. Carrying this table can not only reduce your weight but also reduce the use area of your backpack.
Solowilder BlackBee T3 Aluminum Camping Table

BlackBee T3 Table

The hollow design reduces the weight of the table. There are many holes of different shapes at the edge and middle of the table. These holes can not only reduce the water accumulation on the table but also hang some tableware at the holes at edges of the table.
Solowilder BlackBee T4 Aluminum Camping Table

BlackBee T4 Table

The connection between the table board and the table leg adopts the thread design. You only need to easily tighten the legs of the table to install it successfully. You can freely combine our tables according to different scenes. You can assemble a rectangular camping table by nesting and splicing.
SoloWilder BlackBee L4 Folding Camping Table

BlackBee L4 Table

Free Splicing Design. You can freely splice the table boards. In different scenes, trapezoidal tables can have different effects. For single use, you can use the table around the individual. When used by multiple people, you can make the table into an arc or a long table.

Cooking with the Stove

SoloWilder Outdoor Pellet Stove Installation Tutorial

SoloWilder Wood Stove Video