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PIKE Camping Pellet Stove | Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Stove | SoloWilder 2023 New Arrival

PIKE Camping Pellet Stove | Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Stove | SoloWilder 2023 New Arrival

US$ 799.00
  • Detail
    • Application: This camping pellet stove provides enough heat for a 1-6 person hot tent.
    • Efficient and eco-friendly camping stove: The Pike Camping Pellet Stove utilizes wood pellets for clean-burning heat, reducing environmental impact.
    • Innovative gravity feed design: Setup is a breeze, and the stove delivers reliable performance, ensuring cozy nights in the great outdoors.
    • Portable and lightweight: Perfect for backpacking trips, this camping pellet stove's compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry.
    • Durable and reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Pike Camping Pellet Stove is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.
    • Embrace the warmth of nature: Enhance your camping experience with this SoloWilder 2023 new arrival and enjoy the comforting heat during chilly nights in the wilderness.
    • Trusted brand: SoloWilder is known for its commitment to quality outdoor gear, and the Pike Camping Pellet Stove is no exception. Invest in reliable warmth for your camping trips.


    PIKE Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Stove

    Designed to provide convenient and efficient heating, this gravity feed wood pellet stove is perfect for camping enthusiasts seeking warmth, comfort, and convenience.


    Stove Type Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Stove
    Carrying Weight 13.88kg
    Storage Dimension  23.5x 24.5 x 50 cm
    Firebox Dimension 33.5 x 31 x 32.8 cm
    Stainless Steel 304
    Spark Arrestor

    PIKE camping pellet stove kit


    PIKE Pellet Stove

    fuel storage bin

    4 Sections Stove Pipe

    1 Stove Pipe with Spark Arrestor

    Chimney Fixed Ring

    Fire Poker Stick

    PIKE Camping Pellet Stove Details

    Our pellet stoves for camping can be fed automatically, freeing up your hands!

    PIKE camping pellet stove gravity fed systems

    With its gravity automatic feed feature, the Pike Camping Pellet Stove frees your hands, allowing you to fully enjoy your camping experience. Simply load the fuel compartment with wood pellets, and let the stove handle the rest. No need for constant monitoring or manual feeding, giving you more time to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. (Do you know the principle of non-electric gravity automatic feeding?)

    Large capacity pellet bin, capable of allowing the pellet stove to burn independently for 6-8 hours

    PIKE camping pellet stove burning

    Say goodbye to chilly nights while camping. The Pike Camping Pellet Stove ensures continuous burning, providing a steady source of warmth throughout the night. No more waking up to a cold tent—stay cozy and comfortable from dusk till dawn.

    Our pellet stoves are designed to be portable, yet guarantee efficient combustion and ample heat supply

    PIKE camping pellet stove combustion chamber

    Don't let its small size fool you. The Pike Camping Pellet Stove delivers big fire and powerful performance. Its compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it an ideal choice for camping trips, hiking adventures, and other outdoor activities.

    Stable and Versatile Kickstand

    The folding kickstand provides stability and versatility to the Pike Camping Pellet Stove. Set it up on any flat surface with ease, ensuring a secure and steady position throughout use. Experience hassle-free operation and enjoy the warmth wherever you are.

    SoloWilder's portable camping pellet stoves will give you a great outdoor experience

    SoloWilder presents the 2023 new arrival Pike Camping Pellet Stove, a reliable and durable heating solution for your camping needs. Crafted with quality materials and designed for ease of use, this stove is built to withstand the ruggedness of outdoor adventures. Embrace the great outdoors with confidence, knowing that warmth and comfort are always within reach..

    PIKE camping pellet stove no bin

    1.The installation of the stove pipe is very simple and can be completely stored in the stove, avoiding the trouble of packing.
    2.The stove is only for ONE person. It's a SMALL firebox design. Get it before you check the dimensions.
    3.Our Tent Stove has passed the multi-layer quality inspection, but we don't rule out the bumps during transportation. In addition, you can find us at any time, whether it is installation problems or questions in the process of use, and we will provide you with considerate suggestions and services.

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