Gravity Fed Pellet Camp Stove (4)

SoloWilder aims to provide gravity fed pellet camp stoves at an affordable price.Our gravity-fed pellet camping stove is fueled by wood pellets, and with gravity allowing the pellet stove to feed the pellets automatically, it's perfect for campers who are tired of collecting and refilling firewood in the middle of the night. As well as being fuelled by wood pellets and not requiring constant manual feeding, our gravity fed pellet camp stoves are no different to traditional tent stoves and are just as capable of drying clothes, cooking, baking bread and melting snow.

What is a Gravity Fed Pellet Camp Stove?

Gravity Fed Pellet Camp Stoves are small outdoor stoves with a pellet hopper that fold up for easy transport and can automatically feed pellets without the use of electricity. This pellet stove is commonly used for outdoor camping cooking and heating without the need to collect firewood.  In reality, gravity fed pellet camp stoves are pellet and wood stove combo. Gravity fed pellet camp stoves for outdoor have the automated convenience and clean fuel benefits of pellet stoves but also the portability and wild charm of wood stoves. It is truly a masterpiece of completely mechanical design, superior to traditional wood stoves and better suited for long camping trips and RV travel. 

How Gravity Automatic Feeding Works?

Wood pellets are poured into a hopper at the top of the stove. The fuel enters the pellet burner through a funnel. The pellet burner is slotted to keep the wood pellets from falling while allowing the ash to fall out. As the pellet fuels burn, they shrink in size and turn to ash, creating space for new fuel to enter. This ingenious mechanism allows the stove to burn continuously for hours, providing consistent heat and cooking power.

Better Efficiency than Traditional Tent Stove

Research shows that the combustion efficiency of wood pellets is between 68.5% and 80.2%, and the actual combustion efficiency depends on the combustion device or pellets, while our gravity fed pellet camp stove adopts the U-shaped combustion chamber design, which is able to stabilize the combustion efficiency of wood pellets at around 80%, which greatly saves fuel and reduces environmental pollution. This is not possible with traditional wood stoves, which consume 21% more energy than pellet stoves due to fuel limitations. In addition, pellet stoves produce far less smoke and creosote, the number one cause of chimney fires, than wood stoves. And, the large capacity pellet hopper can store over 5kg of wood pellets, which can be burned for up to 6-8 hours at a time, keeping you warm all night long. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for firewood, especially during the winter months when damp firewood needs to be dried before it can burn. With our pellet stoves, you'll never have to wake up in the middle of the night from the cold to add wood to a stove.